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Welcome to the Priory of Saint Stephen the Martyr which covers Washington, Oregon. Our Grand Priory is the OSMTJ USA. We are Christian (Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox, etc) and serve the Lord Jesus Christ. Our Faith is strong. Our Will is strong. The Knights Templar Code of Chivalry defines us.
In the USA, our official Site is: http://www. TheKnightsTemplar. org and http://www. ktoa. Org
Please refrain from:
1) Using profanity
2) Speaking of politics
3) Being verbally abusive to others or criticizing other’s ideas.
4) Speaking of Freemasonry
5) While we are anti-Isis, anti-al Qaeda, and anti-radical Muslim, general attacks against Islam or ANY religion will not be tolerated. Christ said in John 15:12: “My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you.”
Expectations for OSMTJ Members
1) Let it never be far from your mind to aspire to the Knighthood you’ve been granted as God sees us at all times. Don’t take your responsibilities lightly and live up to the calling and honor that has been bestowed upon you.
2) Live by Psalms 82: 3-4: “Defend the weak and the fatherless; uphold the cause of the poor and the oppressed. Rescue the weak and the needy; deliver them from the hand of the wicked.”
3) With courage and conviction, be a witness to the love of Christ through your lifestyle, words, and the example that you set for others everyday of your life.
4) Please attempt as much attendance to OSMTJ events as possible.
5) Read and learn the OSMTJ history and theory from our site: http://www. TheKnightsTemplar. org
6) Become acquainted with your fellow Brothers and Sisters and be ready to pray and help them in their time of need.
7) If your Priory or Commandery is conducting a charity within a reasonable distance from you, please try your best to participate.
The Prior for the Priory of Saint Stephen the Martyr is Sir Robert Bailey.
The Grand Prior of the Grand Priory of America OSMTJ-USA is Grand Prior T. Bryant Jones.
The following are the Commanderies within the Priory of Saint Stephen the Martyr:
Commandery of 
Commandery of 
Commandery of 
*PRIORY Motto- .
Rules of Saint Stephen the Apostle:
* be respectful of Christian Beliefs other than your own. When you post on eChristian- in the OSMTJ-USA pages and all the Pages/groups associated with the OSMTJ- be careful you are being respectful, not fomenting hate, not pushing your views or beliefs, MAKE sure you are being a Templar.
*When you post or answer a post on any page OTHER than the Home Priory Page (this page) always end with the following format: Rank, Name, Commandery or Priory and motto.
your post text
SSG Hugh Payne
Priory of Saint Helena
Commandery of Saint Calungsod
"Priory Motto"
*Members MUST participate a minimum of TWICE a week in the Priory eChristian Page by sharing and or posting, commenting, responding to requests from the Prior or any of the Officers of the Priory.
*PARTICIPATION MEANS actually participating – NOT “liking” or “seen”.
*When a member of leadership posts a directive, Roll Call, Buddy Check, or any Priory Business on the Priory page= read the post and acknowledge that you understand it in the comment section. (If you do not understand ask).
*When a new member is announced in the Priory Page- respond appropriately.
*Members of The Priory of Saint Stephen the Martyr are not permitted to share Priory Posts outside the Priory and its commanderies. All files uploaded are for Priory use and the use of its members; they are not to be duplicated, copied, or distributed outside the Priory and its Commanderies.
*All Companion at Arms will be enrolled in the Statutes/Rank Protocol and CAA Basic Training Courses. When the required readings are complete write a take away and post your take away following the process in required reading section.
*All Sergeant at Arms will be enrolled in the SAA Advanced Training Course.
Required Reading for all members of the Priory of Saint Peter the Apostle:
-This Post
-Any Guide/Manual/Training material provided by KTOA/OSMTJ-USA/Templar Academy of America
-“The Templars: Knights of Christ” by Regine Pernoud-
-“The Primitive Rule of the Templars” Saint Bernard de Clairvoux & Huges de Paynes
Towers built on a sloppy foundation will crumble and fall. We want to make sure our Brother and Sister Templars have a solid foundation, so suggested readings are selected for each rank. Once read, a short report can and should be written and posted to the Priory Facebook page.
“Not a Fan” by Kyle Idleman.
SERGEANT AT ARMS – “Knights of Christ” by Daniel A. Biddle. (This will be a big help in the Sergeant Corps Training Program)
KNIGHTS – “The Making of a Leader” by Frank Demazio.
QUEST – A challenge issued out by the Prior/Master Commandant in preparation for Knighthood.
QUESTion: a series of questions or a question asked of the entire Priory by the Prior / Master Commandant.
-Another way to participate
Weekly OSMTJ-USA RoundTable – 1st and 3rd Thursday night, times: 9/8/7/6pm. Voice Chat Live with Templars
Every Thursday 9pm EST/ 6pm PST
Download at
RT Zoom Room # is: 407 928 6550
Zoom Hyperlink to enter into the Zoom Meeting:
Password Case sensitive: 8675309
*NOTE: Roundtable meetings are not mandatory but they are highly encouraged. The knowledge and fellowship is worth every minute.
Priory of Saint Peter the Apostle OFFICERS:
- Prior - Sir Robert Bailey
-SENESCHAL sen·e·schal – Knight Commandant 
-MARSHAL - vacant
-TURCOPOLIER tur·co·po·lier or Turco - Vacant
Priory Reporter.. Vacant
Mentors …Prior, Seneschal, Marshall, Turco
Priory Sergeants…
General Ranks within the order:
PAGE- A younger man or woman, greater than 7 years of age but fewer than 12. *They must have a relative in the same state who is in or is also applying to the Order. Their relative must be accepted first.
SQUIRE– A younger man or woman, greater than 12 years of age but fewer than 18. *They must have a relative in the same state who is in or is also applying to the Order. Their relative must be accepted first.
●There is a 6-month probationary term before a promotion is considered. This six-month period starts the date the initial Donation is rendered. ●
COMPANION-AT-ARMS, CAA (or Companion)– They wear the brown mantle with red cross. An applicant of at least 18 years of age under a probation period before becoming promotable. This probation lasts SIX (6) months
SERGEANT at Arms, SGT – They wear the black mantle with red cross. After their SIX (6) months of probation, all those accepted members become eligible to become Sergeants. A member will need to spend NO LESS THAN SIX (6) months as a Sergeant.
There are 3 promotions available to Sergeants within the Priory:
1) Staff Sergeant
2) Sergeant 1st class
3) First Sergeant
NOTE: No member may be promoted to Knight without being Knighted at an Investiture Ceremony, Conclave, or Field Knighting Service.
NOTE: Members will receive the NECK CROSS when Knighted.
KNIGHT – They wear the white mantle with red cross. Actual Knighthood is granted with Christian duty expected in his or her community.
“Knight” is used by men & women equally- Knights are to be addressed as Dame (Ladies) or Sir (Men).
*Knight *Knight Lieutenant *Knight Captain *Knight Commandant *Knight Master Commandant
*Prior / Master Commandant – oversees a Priory.
Page – Vacant
Squire- Vacant.
Draper – Vacant.
ALL Brothers and Sisters of this Order and Priory are expected to abide by the highest moral and ethical standards as Christians first and foremost, and as Templars secondly. This includes, but not limited to, postings on any Social Media, moral behaviors and living, language, and so forth. Remember that we are Christ’s soldiers and represent Him in ALL we do and say and act. And that we hold ourselves to a much higher standard overall abiding by all aspects of the teachings of Scripture. We do not live according to the norms of society but that of what is expected of us from our Liege Lord, JESUS CHRIST, of Whom we serve and have sworn fealty to.
Any member who joins or is an active member of a group on our “Watch-List” will be expelled. The list includes:
(a) Order 777 http://www. globalresistance.webs. com – Advocates violence against Muslims and influenced Terrorist Anders Breivik.
(b) http://www. knightstemplarinternational. com/ – Some of the members post anti-Muslim views.
(c) Royal Noble Britannic Holy Order of the Knights Templar.
 http://www. OSMTJ-International. org – Michel Van Der Stock’s and Mark Borrington’s fake order

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